Course Curriculum

Supporting Individuals Through Trauma Level 4 - Families

  • Introduction

  • Reactions to Trauma

  • Talking Through Trauma

  • Trauma By Age

  • Impact of Stress and Trauma

  • Burnout and Stress in Parents

  • Media and Trauma - The Google Effect

  • Moving Past Trauma

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Welcome to SITT!

The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation is a national organization dedicated to the mitigation of disabling stress and the fight against PTSD. Recognized as a leader in education and awareness training for emergency services and organizations across Canada, the CCISF is committed to the development of engaging, interactive, educational and relevant topics and training with a focus on mental health. Our trusted team of experts represent a diverse group of individuals with relevant experience committed to supporting front line members and improving mental wellness.  By way of this training hub, we can deliver consistent and relevant programs that focus on identifying early signs and symptoms of stress, encourage effective coping strategies and improving overall health. 

This Training Hub would not be possible without the collaboration and support of many organizations, educators, academics, and individuals, playing a key role in the transmission of their knowledge and passion for mental health. It is with this collaboration that we are able to broaden our reach, offer a wide range of topics, address the gaps in training, provide current and relevant information and improve wellness among individuals and families.  

Proceeds from the courses created by the CCISF contribute to supporting ongoing initiatives such as Camp F..A.C.E.S. and Camp F.A.C.E.S. PTSD Family Retreats.