Free Mini-Course

Training and Sustaining the Resilient Mind

This is a short 30-minute introductory course on training and sustaining the resilient mind. This course aims to provide students with an understanding of mindfulness practices by identifying simple techniques to maintaining a positive mental wellbeing. Wendy Lund explores the myths and misconceptions surrounding mindfulness practices and how training the brain and practicing mindfulness can support mental wellbeing.


Wendy Lund

Wendy was a full-time faculty member teaching the sciences. For over 22 years, she was the science lead for a paramedic program for Centennial College and at times coordinated the program. Over time, she became increasingly interested in identifying curriculum gaps that related to how we were training and sustaining the resilient mind in novice first responders. Wendy introduced mindfulness to the program that grew into a full-fledged student association called "Mindful Medics". She turned her efforts towards research and completed a 4 yr MSc in Mindfulness Studies 2 years ago at the University of Aberdeen. Compelled to make a difference, Wendy retired early and launched a consulting company & trademarked a comprehensive proactive program (Reach for Resiliency) that helps to fill the gap that most every 1st responder is aware of. It leans heavily into the science and shares evidence-based strategies that cultivate wellbeing BEFORE you get into trouble. She tweeted "When you teach a 1st responder to manage a difficult airway, you save patients' lives, when you teach them how to manage a difficult emotion, you save theirs" . @WLund100. Wendy has published 2 articles in Canadian Paramedicine and is the mental health expert for a national in-house corporate lawyer magazine.